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07.02.2020The Hidden Keys // Art StalkerInfo
25.11.2019Barkett’s Open MicInfo
07.11.2019Folk Road Show European Tour | BerlinInfo
02.11.2019Nate B & The Hidden Keys // Bar BoBuInfo


‘The Hidden Keys’ is a Berlin-based band creating world music for the people. Their sound is filled with colorful guitar riffs, danceable rhythms, catchy lyrics, funky bass lines and explosive solos on violin, trumpet, trombone, keyboard, synthesizer, electric guitar and harmonica. Our goal is to create authentically free-spirited music for people looking to let go of their inhibitions and get lost in a unique live musical experience.

Band Members (A to Z):
Nate Bernardini (Vocals/Guitar/Harmonica)
Christian Degel (Bass)
Nico Jack (Electric Guitar)
Alexis Koutsoulis (Percussion)
Hiro Otake (Trombone)
Davis West (Violin)
Jonas Ziehfreund (Keyboard/Synth)
Bennjamin Zimmermann (Drums)